1. Our current financial crisis won’t end until around 2029, after which time, the rules of the world will have changed. [Based on the work of Neil Howe.]
  2. Technology is changing so rapidly, that all the rules of the world—possibly even what makes a person “human”—will have changed. [Based on the work of Ray Kurzweil. Notice the crossing of predictions between Neil Howe and Ray Kurzweil.]
  3. Starting now, we need to prepare students (K-12) for the new world. Those entering first grade in the 2013-2014 school year will be graduating college in 2029.
  4. Our nation has all the tools and resources to become great again, but we can’t wait for government to make it happen. Although this new “flat world” is highly competitive, America actually has a competitive advantage, if we focus on our strengths. We can create a net influx of business, even as we outsource the less desirable jobs. [Based on the work of Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum.]
  5. We live in a networked world, where the solutions to all of our problems are out there. We just need to tap into them and organize them. [Based on the work of Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams.]
  6. The path of technological growth is mathematically predictable and inevitable. We can plan for it. [Based on the work of Ray Kurzweil.]
  7. Historically success has always been a matter of circumstances, including such random factors as the year and even month in which one is born. Recognizing inequities, we can make success less random, so that everyone can succeed. [Based on the work of Malcolm Gladwell.]
  8. Increasingly, success will require a clear demonstration of integrity, and a willingness to give. [Based on the work of Adam Grant and Anthony Robbins.]
  9. You can’t expect to hire “supermen” and "superwomen" in all the new technologies. You need to create an environment for average individuals to excel. [Based on the work of Peter Drucker.]
  10. If you have a clear vision of the year 2029, then you can make money producing what is needed for your field. Once your customers accept your vision, you have a revenue stream for the next 15 years, as you deliver your promise, working closely with your customers on their changing needs.

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