Many innovations merge to create the America 2029 initiative. Each major component of America 2029 is called a movement. Since America 2029 is a comprehensive socioeconomic system and business model, there will be a movement for virtually every human endeavor. Together, the America 2029 movements provide you with all the resources that you need to operate, personally and professionally, in the 21st century.

As you read about these movements, perhaps you will be inspired to create your own movement. There are 2 choices:
  1. Notify us at movements<at> Tell us your plans, and work with us to post your movement.
  2. Form a tribe under an existing movement. If you mostly agree with an America 2029 movement, but would like to specialize or veer off in a different direction, then create your own tribe. As you receive information from your mentor about the America 2029 movement, pass it on to your partners, but modify it to suit your needs. This gives you a lot of freedom and power, but please follow the rules for creating and maintaining a tribe, notifying us at tribes<at>, so that we may continue to list you as an authorized tribe.

For now, the following movements have been established:
  • Workforce 2029 – Would you like to locate the types of employees that you’re going to need to thrive in the coming decades? We certainly don’t mean to minimize the challenge involved. You will need the types of employees that you have always found difficult to locate, like deep thinkers, self-starters, and highly talented experts. You will want workers who are happy to work for you and give their full effort. Without oversimplifying, we will show you techniques for attracting and keeping those employees.
  • Education 2029 – Everyone acknowledges that our educational system needs to prepare the workers of tomorrow. There is an organization, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, that has defined the educational system of the future. The problem is that most educators don’t understand what’s necessary to implement this vision. Education 2029 is working with this vision to make it a reality.
  • Investing 2029 – You know that many of the old rules and correlations no longer work in this near-zero interest rate environment with rapid technology growth. How can you increase the stability of your return while maximizing return? Straight forward math formulas—not rear view mirror statistics—will show you how to steer clear of the rocks as you navigate towards clear sailing and impressive returns. Investing 2029 focuses on the microeconomics of America 2029, while Economics 2029 (Econ 2029) focuses on the macroeconomics.
  • Economics 2029 (Econ 2029) – While macroeconomics is usually left for the university professors, in America 2029, everyone can explore ways to personally profit from contributing to the overall macroeconomics that will be evolving. Three central tenets of Econ 2029 are that (1) giving is personally more profitable than receiving (if done correctly), (2) everyone can profit from leverage, not just those at the top of the pyramid, and (3) spending money, rather than parking your money, is better for everyone—as long as you spend it on ways to improve yourself. Many other economic principles derive from these 3 central tenets.
  • Talent 2029 – Do you have a marketable talent that people will pay you for? When it comes to talent, there are two main types of people: Those who dream big and think they’re going to be the next Leonard DiCaprio, Katie Perry, or Steve Jobs. In any field there are always superstars, but the superstars are always a minority. Besides those who dream big, there are those who “just want a job.” They put our their resumes, and they just want to find somebody that’s going to pay them a good salary to do whatever it is that they do. We now live in a world where we need a third type: those who are willing to work hard to achieve excellence within their specific domain. They won’t be a superstar like Meryl Streep, Bono, or Larry Page, but they will become the best in their field or their focused Internet community. All workers—not just actors, musicians, and computer programmers—need to think how to excel within some domain. Talent 2029 is there to help you in your pursuit of excellence!
  • Tech 2029 – This is where America 2029 really shines. The best way to create new technology is by envisioning the technology of the future. The greatest breakthroughs come from visionary companies like Google and Apple that naturally visualize the future. However, Tech 2029 expands this visionary ability to everyone. The significance of the year 2029 is that major breakthroughs are predicted for that year. Everyone should explore these visions for the future, and discover how to apply them to today’s technology. From now until 2029, the rate of innovation will explode—and you can be a part of that explosion!
  • Edutainment 2029 – All forms of entertainment in America 2029 serve some educational purpose. Thus all entertainment is part of the Edutainment 2029 movement, a driving force in the America 2029 economy.
  • Web 2029 – As technology and all the disciplines move forward toward the year 2029, the Internet needs to move forward as well, to support those efforts. Web 2029 defines the Internet of the future, as the Internet, television and other media, and technology-enabled devices all come together to create a unified resource to help us achieve our vision for the year 2029.
  • Business 2029 – Traditionally, business required significant amounts of capital to get started. This has been reduced significantly in the last couple decades, but with America 2029, you can use our formal system for starting a business at virtually no cost. The investment of time takes the place of the investment of money. With persistence, success is guaranteed. Since you can delegate business tasks to others, there is no reason not to pursue your dream business. Check out Business 2029 and discover a totally new way to achieve the American Dream of financial independence!
  • Cities 2029 – Defining and creating the city of tomorrow, Cities 2029 brings forward-thinking cities and regions together to work on common goals. Have you ever read about how popular destinations like Telluride, CO, or Orlando, FL, were created, and thought to yourself: Gee, I would really like to have invested in property there! Creating and investing in a destination city is actually easier than you think. If you’re looking for an exciting way to invest in real estate and help build your own community, then Cities 2029 is for you!
  • Travel 2029 – Perhaps you enjoy travel. You will quickly discover that, in this global economy, there are plenty of opportunities for you to travel as part of your business. You decide how much or how little you want to travel, and where you’d like to travel, and then work that into your business goals.
  • Salesforce 2029 – All of these America 2029 programs critically rely on Salesforce 2029 to sell the program whenever necessary. America 2029 programs are designed to eliminate routine selling, so Salesforce 2029 will tackle the larger problems, working closely with the management team to ensure that the greater goals are achieved. In particular, there are certain traditional sales practices that are incompatible with the America 2029 program. Salesforce 2029 is the future of selling. For their critical role, the Salesforce 2029 team will be rewarded well.
  • Giving 2029 – Although you are certainly not in any sense “required” to participate in Giving 2029, the America 2029 program will give you enough abundance that you will probably want to participate. What’s more, the Giving 2029 program provides specific tools for advancing your business interests, so you will probably want to get involved in the program long before you achieve all of your business goals.
All of these programs are part of America 2029. The unifying theme is that—by envisioning the future, specifically the target year 2029, and by working with like-minded people—you can create the future that you want. Let the America 2029 Consortium know which programs you’d like to focus on, while key players are still establishing the framework for the future.

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