What do you now do whenever you travel to someplace that you're not familiar with? You take out your GPS. You use your technology to bridge the gap in your knowledge.

America 2029 is the GPS to your future. It is the technology that will guide you through uncertain times.

We all recognize that the "landscape" has changed: economically, politically, socially, globally, ..., in every way!

No one knows the future, but we can get there together.

In the past, we waited for our employers, our newspapers and television programs, and our politicians to tell us what was next. President Kennedy give us the mission to the moon as our vision. Our employers told us how to stay with them and get our pensions. Television news programs, with serious journalists like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, gave us objective snapshots of where thing were heading. People always glorify the past (forgetting the down sides), but one thing was for certain: It definitely was simpler times.

Now the only way to predict what's happening as things change at lightning speed is to walk ahead together, sharing information using high-tech tools.

All American 2029 movements are built upon an evolving Net 2029 technology, which allows you to work with your peers to solve problems. You know you can't wait for politicians or employers or anybody else to solve your problems.

So program your GPS and head with the rest of us toward the year 2029.

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