Like all America 2029 movements, Salesforce 2029 uses a Net 2029 network structure. It's actually a special case of a Talent 2029 network. As in all Talent 2029 networks, individuals progress up the tree structure as they advance.

Members of Salesforce 2029 use the network to improve their sales skills, seek opportunities, and otherwise advance. Those looking for sales staff can interface with the Salesforce 2029 network to search for someone with the right skills, experience, and background. In particular, employers can locate the hard-to-find employees needed for the 21st century, and in the years leading up to 2029. While employers are still ultimately responsible for identifying the right candidates, Talent 2029 networks help locate deep thinkers, self-starters, highly talented experts, creative types, and more. Companies that implement America 2029 strategies will require salespersons with special skill sets, experiences, attitudes, and vision. These will all be assessed by the Salesforce 2029 network.

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