Edutainment will be everywhere by 2029, permeating all aspects of your life. Specifically, Edutainment 2029 is an integral part of Education 2029.

Edutainment 2029 is considered both an America 2029 movement and an America 2029 quest.

Even now, entertainment is often embedded with lessons. However, audiences seldom receive all the messages being sent.

Schools and educational programs everywhere will soon use the treasure trove of entertainment content to teach educational content and send messages. The entertainment content provides a rich landscape of metaphors for the educational content.

Help Education 2029 to prototype Edutainment 2029 by exploring the possibilities with your favorite entertainment content:

Of course, edutainment won't be limited to movies and television. The Internet is already providing a rich platform for edutainment. Beyond that, life itself will be a form of edutainment with the emergence of reality games.

You can also explore the rich array of edutainment content by theme, like freedom, team work, and finding meaning in life.

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