An America 2029 tribe is any group of people organized under the Net 2029 tree structure.

Tribes that are established or maintained by the America 2029 Consortium are referred to as America 2029 movements. It should be clear that America 2029 movements have no special status over other America 2029 tribes, other than their official recognition by the Consortium. Recognition by the Consortium offers a special level of trust, but trust can be developed in other ways as well.

If you generally like what America 2029 is doing but you want to do things your own way, then create your own tribe. If your tribe consistently applies some variation of America 2029 principles, please apply to America 2029 for status as a movement.

Create your own tribe if:
  • You disagree in general with one or more principles of an existing America 2029 tribe or America 2029 movement.
  • You wish to specialize an existing tribe or movement. For example, there is currently an America 2029 movement for Talent 2029. However, you may wish to create a specialized tribe like Dancers 2029, Actors 2029, or Comedians 2029.
  • You want to make money by promoting a related product, whether or not the product is your own.

At this point, no America tribes have been formed outside of America 2029 movements.

Find out how you can create and maintain your own America 2029 tribe.

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