Most people make the mistake of looking for a job, instead of looking for their passion. As a result, they end up working at a job that they are not even remotely passionate about. Alternatively, they may be mildly interested in their job, but it's not their passion.

If you are currently interested in your job, at some level, ask yourself: Can you become passionate about some aspect of your job? Perhaps you don't care about making money, but you like how your company innovates. If so, explore how you can become passionate about your current job.

If you feel you are in the wrong job, or if you are a student, you need to pause and examine yourself. On your own time, consider and explore your own interests. Could you possibly use your interests on the job? For example, if you love acting, could you use your acting skills to promote your company?

Consider the ideal employer to work for, given your interests. What would your company do for you, and what would you do for your company?

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