You've found one of the Secrets of America 2029!

This applies to anybody trying to become a “rock star” in their field.

In Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Season 8, Episode 2, entitled “Rock Star” (originally aired 2009.04.24), Jeff Goldblum's character, Detective Zach Nichols, points out how futile it is to set a goal of becoming a rock star. His point is well taken, backed by a detailed mathematical analysis.

However, America 2029 provides hope for all would-be rock stars in their field:
  1. You don't have to become a rock star to enjoy the thrill of being a rock star or to experience a high level of success.
  2. You should seek to rise to your ability level, and perform with enthusiasm, achieving satisfaction through all your successes.
  3. If you are truly a rock star in your field, then the Net 2029 model may be the most effective strategy to ensure that you achieve rock star status.
There are countless random variables affecting peoples rise to rock star status. America 2029 uses Net 2029 to reduce those variables dramatically.

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