Bob Martin is the founder, Chairman, and COO of North Shore Technologies. With 20+ years experience working in IT Consulting Services and staffing, he has both local and national experience developing and servicing Fortune 100 and 500 clients. He developed and cultivated value added partnerships with major hardware and software vendors.

Before starting NST, Bob served for more than 15 years as VP of a prominent Pittsburgh technology firm. He developed the first National IT services practice within that company from the ground up. His responsibilities included national partnership channel development with marquee vendors such as HP/Compaq, Oracle, Microsoft, and Apple, while continuing to establish business relationships with senior and mid-level Executives throughout Pittsburgh's Tri-State region.

Bob and his team have created a dynamic definition for a Millennial Corporation—a high-growth firm that knows the secrets to 21st century business. As Bill Gates says in his book, companies and organizations now must operate “at the speed of thought.” Bob is actively sharing his model with employees and other companies. A key concept for Millennial Corporations is that ideas are most valuable when shared.

The result is that North Shore is an ideal employer, vendor, and partner.

Employees are excited that they can not only shape their job at North Shore, but they can also shape their entire future, taking whatever ideas they have and running with them, with North Shore’s full support. The company truly operates at the speed of its employees thoughts. Through this process, as employees grow in value, North Shore nurtures them to grow into full-blown independent companies, partnering with North Shore.

For customers and partners, the Millennial Corporation model means a type of responsiveness that is rare in the industry. North Shore's sole focus is to be responsive to its customers, partners, and employees, locating and hooking up the necessary talent.

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