An America 2029 tribe is a subgroup of a movement.

If you generally consider yourself a part of a movement, but you partially disagree or want to specialize in some way, then create your own tribe. You will largely assume the mission, vision, and principles of the movement, but with your own modifications.

Like movements, tribes are structured as Net 2029 networks.

To create and maintain your own tribe:
  1. Propose your tribe for approval by contacting tribes<at> (Replace <at> with the symbol.)
  2. Check with your 6 partners in the movement, and confirm that they want to work with you to form your own tribe. Before beginning, get as much input as you can from your partners.
  3. Notify us that you are ready to launch, providing us with initial content.
  4. We will list you as an official America 2029 tribe.
  5. Follow all procedures for Net 2029 networks, regularly providing content for your tribe on the America 2029 wiki. The wiki serves to integrate the various movements and tribes, so sharing information is critical.

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