Obvious statement: To train your employees properly, you need to know what attributes you need to develop in those employees.

The problem is that the successful employee attributes of yesterday are not necessarily the the successful employee attributes of tomorrow. Making matters worse, today's successful leaders of companies need to rely on the leaders of tomorrow for hiringbut they don't know what the leaders of tomorrow look like!

Somehow companies need to identify the leaders of tomorrow and use them to guide the corporate direction.

Here are some of the issues involved in hiring the right people:
  • How do we locate 21st century leaders?
  • How do we train 21st century leaders?
  • How do we train employees to have strong 21st century skills?
  • To what degree do we concur with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills regarding the skills that employees need?
  • What is our vision for America 2029, and how can we use it to identify qualified employees?
These issues extremely challenging, and will require a concerted effort by many parties to be resolved.

Are there any other issues which need to be addressed? Add them to the list.

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