If you like creating your own ideas, read about other breakthrough thinkers and hang out with others who also like to create ideas. Fertilize your mind for all the seeds you are planting there.

A wiki is the perfect place for you to hang out looking for ideas. Wikis offer pros and cons as people consider all the possibilities. Wikis grow over time, adding new ideas.

Don't just take from this wiki, though. Plant the seeds of ideas, then come back and watch how they've grown. Don't be afraid to share ideas with others. Keep your proprietary ideas to yourself. However, if there are ideas that you espouse that others are already espousing, help spread the word, and get demand for your future proprietary product going!

Studies have shown that the more you give, the more you receive. In other words, you are more likely to receive true success from being giver than a taker. (Check out the work of award-winning Wharton researcher and professor Adam Grant.)

What would you like to do?