While the world depends on innovators to create new ideas, it also depends on leaders to advance the ideas of others. Steve Jobs was a perfect example. He listened to ideas, worked with countless idea-makers, and could spot a brilliant idea in an instant. Jobs, himself, did not create ideas; he championed them. Yet everyone remembers Steve Jobs as an innovator.

Thomas Edison was an innovator himself, but he made a living out of building and promoting the ideas of others.

Being the champion of ideas is in many ways more important than being the creator of ideas. Countless brilliant ideas die for lack of a champion.

What ideas would you like to champion?

Business strategies:
  • America 2029 – a vision of the future that drives today's business decisions
  • Innovation and human resources as the heart of business
  • Global cooperation as an alternative to global competition
  • Edutainment as a marketing alternative to traditional advertising and even product placement
  • Add any other idea you would like to champion

Product ideas:
  • Specific edutainment concepts
  • Web 3.0 / integration of television and the Internet
  • Mobile apps for purchase decisions that students can learn and grow up with
  • Mobile apps for financial decision-making that students can learn and grow up with
  • Add any other idea you would like to champion

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