All around you are clues about the future. The key is to recognize the clues and then take appropriate action.

We're telling you many of the most important Secrets of America 2029. However, it's up to you to keep your eyes open for ways to take action based on those secrets.

Your mentor will be there for you to help you through this process. To get you started, consider these valuable insights:
  • Many of the ideas you see in science fiction will be reality by the year 2029, and many more will be reality by 2045. What if you could start profiting from those ideas right now? What if you could make money by helping others to work on these breakthrough ideas?
  • Envisioning future products will help you to identify cutting edge products that can be created in the near future.
  • Do you have trouble envisioning a world without advertising? It's going to happen. People will count on their computers to make decisions for them, using opinions from experts all around the world. Ads will become 0% effective. Long before then, as the effectiveness of advertising begins to plummet, alternate forms of marketing will explode.
  • Do you think the idea of a world without money is crazy? There will still be money, but no one will carry it around. Also, people will stop thinking about prices. They will pursue their interests, and software will help them to balance their priorities and to acquire what they need. They will earn and spend money, but without the price tags. How do you think this will evolve in the next 15 or so years?
  • Do you know why so many of our secrets are connected to movies and other forms of entertainment? Idle entertainment and boring education will both be replaced by pervasive edutainment.
  • What other future ideas can you envision? Can you take action now?

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