Golden Ticket Club members: Search for your Golden Ticket!

When Charlie found the Golden Ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the stated prize was a year’s supply of chocolate. In actuality, the prize was lifetime ownership of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Like Charlie, you can find the Golden Ticket (virtually speaking!). And, like Charlie, if you can prove yourself worthy, you can earn yourself untold prizes.

This club is open to individuals of all ages and ability levels. Everyone will have an opportunity to pursue their own interests, based on their own set of abilities.

If you didn't hear about the Golden Ticket Club from a personal invitation, please contact us at GoldenTicket <at> to hook into our viral network.

The success of this program stems from its viral nature. Learn to use all the America 2029 secrets to make your Golden Ticket Club Passport go viral, and you can earn:
  • Cash rewards for products and ideas
  • Contracts with companies
  • Employment
  • Product royalties
  • Sales commission
  • Part ownership of a company
Like Charlie, you may discover that what you get is far bigger than you ever imagined.

Just as Willy Wonka passes on all his assets and his secrets, you will provide your partners with access to valuable secrets and revenue streams. Your mentor, of course, will do the same for you.

Are you ready to enter a magical world? A world where nothing will ever be the same? A world where the rules are suddenly in your favor? Search for your Golden Ticket!

As explained to you by your Golden Ticket Club mentor, if the Golden Ticket Club goes viral, then you will have launched your own viral marketing campaign.

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