The America 2029 Brainstorming Wiki was built using Wikispaces.

Any member of this wiki can serve as a developer. Use Wikispaces to request membership, or send an e-mail to members(at) [replace (at) with the symbol].

Please remember to sign in to Wikispaces whenever you wish to edit a wiki page.

If you are signed in as a member, click on the icon for the Wikispaces controls, and then you can create your own pages in the America 2029 Brainstorming Wiki, and you can edit most pages. The first thing that you should do as a developer is add your name to the America 2029 Developer List, and create a developer page for yourself.

A moderator will remove or modify any inappropriate content added, and there are limits to how you can use the web site for your own personal gains. Nevertheless, you will have a lot of latitude as to how you can use this website to achieve your goals.

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