Watch this video (3 1/2 minutes) on how to start a movement, then come back to this entry and continue exploring and learning:

The message of this video is very clear:
  • To start a movement, you need to win over 2 followers who are willing to serve as your leaders.
  • After you get 2 follower leaders to work with you, no additional work is required to get a crowd, in this case more than 100 followers in 3 minutes.

At a separate level, you should also recognize the "meta-message" of this video:
  • Here is a message that's 3 1/2 minutes long that can transform how you approach your critical goals. In 3 1/2 minutes, your life may have just changed.
America 2029 is filled with messages, procedures, and other tools to help you to achieve all your goals.

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