If you don't like the Fundamental Principles, you can change them!

The actual page for Fundamental Principles is locked so that, once America 2029 members agree to the principles, the principles won't change on them.

However, you can create your own variations.

You can also modify any America 2029 movement. You can either disagree with details of a movement, or you can extend the movement for your specialized interest. For example, right now we have a general Net 2029 network for Talent 2029. However, if you want to launch your own network specifically for dance, we can create a Dancers 2029 tribe for you to run.

Before making any changes, talk to others and make certain that you fully understand the existing principles. You may find that you actually do agree with the principles, more or less.

To check out existing tribes or to create your own, go to America 2029 Tribes.

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