America 2029 is a program to stimulate the U.S. economy through a series of innovations that will culminate in a breakthrough innovation anticipated for the year 2029.

In many ways, the American economy is now humming along rather well. It's certainly doing better that it was 2 years ago when America 2029 was founded. Our current problems come from global issues, but businesses will probably find new markets to replace lost markets. That's the business perspective...

Ask any voter, however, and they will tell you that we are definitely not making adequate progress with creating good-paying jobs.

This shouldn't be happening. Computers replace workers doing menial jobs. New jobs should involve deeper thinking and higher pay.

Everyone is waiting for the government to solve the problem. The solution, however, is not going to come from government stimulus, regardless of whether it is driven by Republicans or Democrats or a third party. Everyone needs to rethink the relationship between government and business.

The current sluggishness in the economy was brought on by a lack of innovation. When a big innovation like the PC, the World Wide Web, or the smart phone comes on the market, the economy is fed by a flood of additional innovations.

Restarting the economy will be a lot easier than people think. We just have to focus on the right innovations—innovations that people and businesses are secretly just waiting to buy.

The primary strategies for America 2029 are:
  1. Make it desirable and easy for American businesses to innovate.
  2. Make it desirable and easy for American businesses to do the "right thing" for America, in terms of creating jobs, treating employees right, and so on.
  3. Stimulate the economy by creating major projects that will last for the next 15 years, with steady, predictable income.

This is done by envisioning what America will be like in the year 2029, and then making that vision happen.

The good news for businesses and individuals is that those who pursue the America 2029 mission will achieve personal gain. Those who innovate will be rewarded for their efforts, if they follow the America 2029 business model. One of the first things you will do under the America 2029 model is define and prioritize your goals.

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